5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Bra

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Bra

When you find a bra you like, it’s important to make it last a while. They get a lot of wear so there’s a little bit of maintenance but we’re all about keeping things simple because we know you’re too busy to give a second thought to underwear care. Once I read that you're supposed to wash it by putting it on & taking a shower (I’m sorry, what!? No thanks). While we think it’s bullshit to be expected to treat your bra like a newborn baby, there are some tricks to extending the bra's life.

  1. Machine wash cold. Yes, our care instructions say to hand wash, which is the recommendation but we know you’re busy and no ones going to do that every single time (we certainly don't) so the gentle cycle will suffice.
  2. Close the clasp before washing to prevent them from getting tangled up in other clothes. If you have a lingerie bag to put it in, even better, but it isn’t crucial. Closing the clasp will will prevent them stretching out.
  3. NEVER put it in the dryer. The heat damages elasticity and laying it flat to dry will maintain its shape. If you insist on hanging it for a quicker dry, hang the bra by the band, not the straps. If you hang it by the straps, the bottom of the bra becomes waterlogged, pulling on the straps and stretching them out.
  4. Keep 2-3 in rotation. If you love your everyday bra, get a couple of them so you don’t wear the same one everyday. Elastic needs time to get back into shape; keeping a couple of bras in rotation will give them a chance to breathe so they don’t lose their shape. This also preserves the elastic in the band and straps, which is essential to the performance of your bra.
  5. Replace it every 6 months. Remember - your bra should never see a birthday. We’re all guilty of this. Trust me, before we started Twinnks, some of my bras could’ve been starting Kindergarten (ew). But you should really replace it every 6 months. The more often, the better. When it’s all said & done, that’s not a big hit to your bank account considering the benefits of a well-fitting, VCL-free look.

Also, life hack: I’ve noticed that the first thing to go on my bras is the straps. They stretch & the fasteners slide - drives me crazy. But I found this fabric glue & applied it to the base of the straps (allow to dry, obviously) and it is a game changer. Fasteners stay in place & all's right with the world.

If you’ve exhausted all of these tips and/or it’s a lost cause, shop for your new bra here!

Stay VCL-less, friends.

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