a little more about us & twinnks

Who are we?

We’re twins, 29 years old, almost 30 (I know! Can you believe it?), and we are identical in every sense of the word – genetically, looks (obviously), style, sense of humor, opinions, etc. We’ve even fainted at the same time while in two different places (true story, 7th grade). The 5 1/2 years we didn’t live in the same state, we talked all the time—usually complaining about work. It felt like something was missing. In the Sarah Blakely episode of How I Built This, she described it perfectly: it was like we were in the wrong movie & couldn’t find the director. 

The bra problem (the brablem)

Fast forward to May 2016. During one of our endless phone convos about nothing important, we were talking about how annoying it is to wear an undershirt in order to hide the bra’s cup line. The bras that claim to be smooth under clothes are either extremely unsupportive (bralettes, for example. I mean, neither of us have big boobs, but you gotta help the girls out) or they’re extremely full coverage (but what if you’re under 95 years old? Or heaven forbid want to wear something other than a turtleneck?). We loved our bras in terms of comfort, shape and support but they all show the line and the reason why is simple: the bra cup is not part of your skin (we googled it). It’s resting on top of it. Therefore the transition from cup to skin creates an edge that will inevitably show through your shirt. Science. 

Not only are these lines distracting, they’re unflattering. It gives the illusion your boobs are further apart than they are and, as a result, makes you look wider than you are. Nobody wants that. Next time you change shirts because it doesn’t look right, ask yourself: is it actually the shirt or is it my terrible bra? 

So we came up with an idea on how to fix the VCL (visible cup line) and halfway through the conversation, we realized we had discussed this exact idea several months before. It was time to take action.

The research

Before going on with our idea, we did a ton of research to see if there was already a solution and as it turns out, there wasn’t. Instead, we found a lot excuses as to why it’s the consumer’s fault. We aren’t getting measured regularly, we aren’t rotating our bras enough, and our personal favorite: wrong size. We love the size argument. Of course we’re wearing the wrong size. There’s a standard bra measurement system. I’m sure if I were measured accurately, I’d be a 33.8276 B ½ cup, but I’ve yet to find that size, so I just get 34B. We could go on for days, but we’re stepping on the toes of a future post, so let’s move on.

And here we are...

One year, two factories and two prototypes later, here we are. In a few days, we’re going to visit the factory in San Francisco. We have no idea what to expect so it’s definitely nerve-racking but in a good way. The fun kind of anxiety. We finally get to meet them, explain our vision in person (sometimes e-mail doesn’t cut it), and finalize the plan for our first product that will launch TWINNKS!  As always, we’ll document all the fun so stay tuned BECAUSE YOU’RE COMIN WITH.

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