A Wrap Up: We're Done!!

HOLY SHIT we got our first bulk order and posted our launch date (3/17/20). As I have champagne to calm my nerves, I’m reflecting on the last 4 years and have a few thoughts to share. 

First, I cannot IMAGINE doing this without the support of our friends and family. They’ve had to deal with us saying we’re launching “at some point this year” 4 times now and have been nothing but cheerleaders the entire time. Second, I’m so glad no one told us at the beginning that a startup takes this long or we may not have done it. It all started with wanting a bra that’s smooth under clothes. Launching a product is hard AF and we’re not through the woods yet. Bootstrapping this without a lot of savings is no easy task  and we don’t know at what point we’ll feel at ease (and if you do, please dear God tell us).

Early on we decided to document everything so, one day, we could create a launch video out of it so here's a little recap of our journey going from idea to product

 Ok personal fears:

  1. The unknown. We have so many ideas for future products but who knows where this journey will take us? You really can’t plan everything so, as a planner, this is stressful.
  2. Failing. HOWEVER neither of us think the universe is that mean. Even if no one bought our bra, I can’t imagine after all this hard work we would just throw up our hands and say “well back to corporate”. 
  3. How the HELL I (Rebecca) am going to balance corporate and Twinnks. My job takes up a lot of time but I was fortunate enough to get a perforated ulcer last year which allowed me to leverage working from home 4 days a week. 
  4. How the HELL I (Rachel) am going to balance a 1 year old and Twinnks. The amount of attention they each require makes me nervous that sleeps gonna have to take a backseat. 

A few things we’ve learned

  1. Trust no one. A less cynical lesson is “be cautiously optimistic” but really trust no one that your gut doesn’t. For example, we talked to a lottt of factories who could “get this done in 8 weeks” and convinced ourselves it was fine and forced it. Don’t force anything and if it feels too good to be true, it is. 
  2. It can be done! If you have no money, it’s fine. You don’t need a lot upfront. It’s piecemeal. Plus, that’s what 401k’s are for! 

Re-reading this, we realize we have very few positives but that’s why this section of our website is “The Dark Ages”. It’s not all bad, swear! We’ve learned alot but the best has yet to come! 




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