Dear Jackie

I was minding my own business on a lovely Sunday afternoon at The People’s Market in Charlotte when this girl, Jackie, started talking to me. The People’s Market is mainly a coffee and lunch place but they serve alcohol and she had what looked to be a delicious sangria so I ordered one too. She seemed a little buzzed (no idea how long she had been there) but before I was even 3 sips deep, she had asked me "what do you do?" to which I was excited to answer because it's fun to explain and talk about it. "Insurance broker blah blah but my sis and I are  creating a bra and starting a company!" 

Let me start by saying we've told about 4325347 people this and 4345346 have asked for an elaboration of some sort -- "what kind of bra?" "why a bra?" "what makes it different?" -- the exception was Jackie, who immediately asked me for a 30 second investor pitch. I began explaining the concept of the bra, even pointing out her VCL, but she cut me off to tell me she hated my glasses (they're adorable so her credibility was immediately shot). Instead of asking me about the product and why it's different, she went straight until telling me we were going to fail and it’s a stupid idea (mind you, she still doesn't know the idea. She didn't even let me explain what VCL stood for). I held my own for a good 20 min which was hard to do given every response I had was followed up with "why". It wasn't until she concluded that we're not hard working or care about the product that I (very shamefully) went into the bathroom and cried. I can't believe I let a total stranger get to me. I WILL get thicker skin because I know it won't be the last time we hear that, but it was the first and it was incredibly frustrating. On the one hand she was a drunk stranger—who cares—but on the other hand, I want to convey to anyone and everyone how hard we've worked and how bad we want this. Since I wasn't able to do that without getting emotional, I've written what I wish I could have.  

Dear Jackie,

Go to hell. If you're going to ask someone what they want to do in life, you should listen to the response before telling them they're going to fail. Had you been a normal self-important, opinionated bitch, you would have at least heard what the product does before inserting yourself and  I would likely be thanking you for the preparation of future "you's". However, there will be no future "you's" because I will never engage with someone who is so determined to break someone down like that and, lucky for us, there are very few people looking to discourage women entrepreneurs in 2019. That’s all you were trying to do. You didn't want to know the facts about the business or our 3 years of work because you know nothing about the industry and wouldn't have been able to respond to it. This became evident when I told you our obstacles of manufacturing in the U.S. and you asked why we don’t change domestic factory policies to obtain the capabilities that Twinnks requires (hahah too cute!).  I know you're clueless about what makes a good entrepreneur and, to be honest, I'm still learning myself but what I do know is that it's not redirecting your focus trying to convince corporations to gain another operation when you have zero credibility in the industry (yet), its to find the solution elsewhere which is exactly what we did. I hate that your attempt to break me down worked but I rather you, a stranger looking to pick a fight, than someone who matters. You're a disgrace to hard working women everywhere and credibility was shot from the beginning. RUN ALONG.  

Our bra smooths out the visible cup line by the way. 

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