Loungewear Venture

We’re busting into loungewear! 

We started Twinnks with the vision of making “all things basic” so we’re amped on this new venture. To note- this isn’t taking away from us expanding colors/sizes with the Nah Bra but we’re eager to get into other products. We just signed a contract with a factory in LA so they’ll be American made (F YEAH)

We have 3 styles in mind that will be made out of an incredibly soft cotton or modal blend (if you don't know how soft modal is, you’re missing out).

  1. Matching tank/jogger set: the joggers will be tailored and high waist and the tank will be scoop neck in the back and front; and will have a built-in bralette. It won’t be your typical cotton shelf-bra, we want it to actually hold you in like a bandeau or hosiery bra would -- wireless, seamless and comfy enough to be lazy in, yet you’ll feel like you have your life together. 
  2. A dress that can be lounged in or worn out as a casual throw on. It will be the same flattering cut as the tank and hang on the body like a good lounge dress should. Again, with the built-in bralette.
  3. Jogger Jumpsuit: exactly like the jogger/tank set except it’s one-piece and won’t be cinched at the waist, it will just hang on the body -- uber comfy. Yet again, built-in bralette. 

We’re going to start with one or two of the styles so we can put all of our attention and resources on each one (we’re more quality-over-quantity people, know what i mean?)

On the Instagram poll we blasted out, y'all chose the jogger/tank set to start with which actually surprised us. I totally thought it was going to be the jogger romper -- not sure why. 

Anyway, we are AMPED on this new venture and hope it doesn’t take 4 years (jk jk it won't, bras seem to be way more complicated to make than loungewear). As always, we’ll keep y'all posted on the process.


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