A few of our many muses that inspire us: 

  1. Amy Smilovic (founder of Tibi): not only does she have amazing style but she is BLUNT. I love a broad who tells it like it is. She is all about slow growth and gives business advice all the time. She is more than willing to help if you just DM her. Insta: @amysmilovic
  2. FIGTNY: I don't actually know her name (I don't think anyone does). She's  mysterious but her style is minimal, simple, oversized and comfy. Insta: @FIGTNY
  3. Jess Alizzi: though it sometimes looks too photoshopped, she knows what works on her body and rocks the muted colors. Insta: @Jessalizzi
  4. Alexa Chung: I think we relate more to brits. They're blunt and funny and Alexa Chung is no exception. Her quick wit and dry personality makes me think we could be friends for life. Not to mention her rock n' roll style is inspo. Insta: @alexchung
  5. Lorna: Another muse who knows her body. Her style tends to be high wist, relaxed-fit pants with a tucked in shirt which looks phenom on her. Insta: @symphonyofsilk
  6. Annemiek Kessels: She's literally been on every single "mood board Monday". She is one of the staple minimalist instagram accounts. Simple, comfort, muted colors. Perfect! Insta: Modedamour 
  7. SylvieMus - she speaks to my professional side. She's always rocking the sweater around the shoulders or blazer. Insta @sylvie_mus
  8. Jeanette Madsen: Copenhagen blogger who rocks a blunt bang. She seems so cool and just lives the life. insta: @_jeanettemadsen 



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