no, it isn't the size

We touched on this a little in a previous blog post but when we got on this VCL soapbox, we did our homework and researched if there was already an existing solution. What we found was frustrating. Not only did it not exist, but there were countless articles about why it's the consumer's fault the bra line shows. Number one reason being “you’re wearing the wrong size”.

This is annoying. Here’s why: everyone wears the wrong size. About 80% of people, actually. That’s because unless you’re getting custom bras made, we’re stuck with a standardized measurement system. In reality, I’m probably a 33.8276 B ½ cup but that’s not a size, therefore, I’m a 34B. Further, every brand is different. I’ve bought a 34B bra and a 32C bra in the same day because, in those particular brands, that’s what fit. 

So can we lay off the “you’re wearing the wrong size” nonsense? Most of us aren’t willing to pay for a custom bra, so let’s work with what we’ve got and make bras look and feel good, instead of blaming people for something we can’t help. 

PS- I hope you read that entire post as if Billy Eichner was passionately screaming it.