our visit to the factory

our visit to the factory

R, here…

As mentioned in the previous post, we’re working with our 2nd factory. The first factory was fine, but we didn’t think she understood the vision behind Twinnks and after receiving the first prototype, it was clear we were right. So we did a ton of research and thanks to MakersRow, we found a great factory in San Francisco that we’ve been working with for a little over a year. No hard feelings with the first one...I don’t think... 

We’ve received one prototype from the SF factory and while it wasn’t there yet, our designer definitely gets it. So we went there to go over the changes and let me tell you, if you ever develop a product, it is so worth the time & money to meet with the factory in person. It was the most productive meeting and we left knowing we were 100% on the same page. 

Now she’s working on the next prototype and even though we both expect it will need a few more changes (after all, we’re being psycho about the quality & making it match our vision exactly), we’re confident it will be much closer.

Next stop: wine country (because, why not?).

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