What is This About?

What is This About?

Hi, welcome to Twinnks! 

We’re R and R. Yes, we have actual names, but can’t share them yet (explanation to come). 

We’re twin sisters who are creating a new, innovative bra and documenting the entire process from prototype, to launch, to (hopefully) growth and beyond. 

The initial plan was to share everything: our names, our pictures, our social security numbers (psych), but an Instagram request from R1’s coworker served as a friendly reminder that we both still have our fulltime jobs. We envision this business venture growing into something bigger than the both of us. With this being said, to get fired when we need money the most would really throw a wrench into our plan. So, for now, we’re R1 & R2

What makes us different?  

Most companies are built on the belief that you need a significant amount of venture capital to start-up. We don’t have that luxury, and we believe that in 2017 this is a hurdle that we can overcome.

So why the blog?

  • To inspire anyone reluctant to start a business. We’re still learning, so we want to share our mistakes, experiences, and everything in between. Bottom line: if we can do it, you can do it (SO DO IT!)
  • To promote transparency. We want people to see everything that went into making this bra the good, bad and ugly. Let’s be real, we don’t know what we’re doing so sharing the process in real time lets you get to know us and our personalities alongside our brand.
  • Feedback. We would love to gain feedback and invite you to share your thoughts & opinions. We may even send a sample your way to try it out before we launch...

What makes this bra so great?

You’ll get more details in the next post, but in short, it’s the modernized T-shirt bra. Not only does it have the molded, seamless cups like the one you’re probably wearing, but it goes a step further and smooths out the cups edge so your bra lines don't show. Yep, invisible under clothes!  

We know, a lot of bra companies make empty promises, but our bra has a unique element that will actually solve this problem

Nothing ruins a good outfit like the visible cup line (VCL)

As we develop this company we promise to make it straightforward, honest—except the whole not-telling-you-our-names thing—and as entertaining as possible. Enjoy!

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