Style That Doesn't Shout

Lets chat personal style.  

As mentioned on our “about us”, we don’t see ourselves providing a wide variety of patterns or bright colors because that’s just not our comfort zone. While we very much appreciate fashion-risks and statement pieces (they’re fun to look at), we keep it pretty simple. In the past, I’ve bought loud clothing with the idea of “if I buy, I’ll wear it” and that never works. If it doesn’t align with your personal style you’ll always make an excuse not to wear it because, at the end of the day, people prioritize feeling comfortable.

Evident to the collage below, our personal style tends to be pattern-less, neutral tones (*see closet picture). We are very outgoing and loud people and don’t need our outfits to compete with that. Given the right occasion, we’re not afraid to rock statement accessories (we’re not robots) but overall we find muted colors so chic and confident because you’re wearing the outfit, the outfit isn’t wearing you.

You'll see this 'tude reflected in all future products! 



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