The Skinny on Loungewear and Nude Bra

We get a lot of people asking us why we haven’t gotten a nude bra so here’s the deal: we’re doing it - TRUST - but I want to take this opportunity to vent about (& explain) the process. 

We thought having already designed, developed and ordered a batch of black bras would make it fast and easy to expand in colors. It’s relatively easy but certainly not fast. We ordered the nude in May and the ETA is September, here’s why: it takes 8 weeks for materials to be produced & sent to our factory (fabric, bra pad, elastic, hook & eyes, etc.) and our factory won’t order until they have 50% payment from us. Then it’s another 6 weeks for production which includes fabric inspection, cutting, sewing, making the actual bra (obviously) and packing. We then pay them the remainder of the funds to ship them which takes anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks (reasonable, huh?)

So long story short: our factory has a lot of our money and we won’t see the product for another 3-4 months. I’m literally sweating. Had we not decided to get into loungewear we would be forced to coast on one product until then and there is no way we could keep up momentum for that long! 

It’s a very scary feeling and it caused quite the dilemma:  

  1. Do we continue with nude, as promised to our customers, while continuing to develop loungewear OR
  2. Do we get our money back, put it all into loungewear, which has a quicker turnaround, and put the extra funds into a badass photoshoot or PR? 

We only battled with this for 10 minutes because obviously #2 does not benefit y’all and we want to deliver what we promised so we’re moving forward with nude but it comes with a plea to stick with us and be patient.

We promised from the beginning that we would be transparent throughout this entire process so we announce that more products are in the works only to later explain, with our tails between our legs, that they won’t be ready for months. Unfortunately our sense of urgency doesn’t translate to everyone and there is nothing we can do. We’re forced into patience and it SUCKS. They tell me it’s a virtue though. We’ll see.

Now quick loungewear update: based on your feedback from the insta-survey we are developing the matching tank and jogger set as well as the dress. Personally, I’m shocked not as many people chose the onesie. That is definitely next on the docket because I think it would be comfy AF but apparently you pee in your pants a lot and fear you can’t get it off in time (I have a few questions about this by the by but i’ll save it for another day).

We don’t have the logistics or costs sorted out yet so we’re not necessarily producing both styles immediately but we are designing both to see which makes the most sense at the time of production. We have the sketches and next up are samples! Stay tuned!


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