The Vision

The closer we get to expanding products, the more hungry we are for more. More knowledge, more inspiration, more ideas (hence “mood board Monday” we’ve started doing on Instagram). 

We ordered a few books about styling, fit and fashion to better understand what flatters different body types. Our goal first and foremost is to be known as the company that solved the dreaded VCL. Obviously we don’t need a book to tell us how unflattering that is but it did get us thinking about our vision for Twinnks. We’ve always wanted to be the go-to for all things “basic” (old meaning of basic, not new) but the more we learn about this industry, the more research we’ve done, the more determined we’ve become to get there. 

Have you ever had a great outfit idea and the only thing you really need to accomplish it is a plain tee? You probably have one but there’s something you want to change about it -- it’s not long enough, you wish it was a different cut, or it’s just not flattering and you can’t pinpoint why. That’s the dilemma we want to fix. We want to provide the simple, flattering pieces for you to style however the hell you want because women should feel comfortable and confident in everyday-wear. 

That’s the future of Twinnks. 

And now a mood board: 


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