We Aint Perfekt

If you don't follow Tibi creator, Amy Smilovic, on Instagram stop what you're doing and follow ASAP. She posts such helpful (& relatable) tips for starting a business. Her latest from 4/24/19:

It's always discouraging being told to "be patient."  Its been 3 years and we can't afford to do it much longer so at what point does patience pay off? We were inclined to ask and holy shit she responded! 


This was extremely encouraging to hear because truth be told if a competitor came out with an "invisible line" campaign while we were going back & forth on strap material, hold on to your freaking hat. 

In March we went to NYC to have our first fitting since hiring Thomas (product developer/designer). If you recall from the insta story highly "Sample" we had a few changes to make and the second sample came in which we LOVE. It's polished, comfortable and flattering. Our next fitting is Monday and as long as it successfully hides the cup line on our fit model, we're done. Amy told us we were. 

I'm sure there are a hundred more tweaks we could make to the hooks color or something insignificant but we won't know what works and doesn't until we put it out there and get feedback so fingers crossed our design-stage is FINALLY coming to an end. HFJDKSHFDSKJFHDSLHF!!!!

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