We’ve been MIA. Here’s why

We’d like to confirm that bra making is hard and takes a long time. Here’s the latest with Twinnks: we came back from our meeting with the new factory in Baltimore on top of the world. They were (and still are) great, they get the concept but when making the new sample, they ran into a problem. 

The way we want the bra constructed requires a specific molding, for which they do not have the equipment and can’t source. In fact very few companies in the US can do this type of molding due to environmental laws. Who knew? So while they’re still on board for making our sample and bulk production, we all decided that it was a waste of time for them to try to design and develop it when they aren’t equipped for the type of construction we want. Therefore, we’re now on the hunt for a 3rd party bra designer and consultant. We’ve talked to more people than we can count and have two very strong candidates we’re considering. Picking which one is going to be very scary because, let's be honest, it ain't cheap. The decision should be made next week and then we’ll get this thing back on track.

In short, that’s the reason we’ve been a little silent on social media. We didn’t want to keep reminding y’all that we haven’t launched this thing, but we also didn’t want people to think we’re closing up shop before we even start. We’re realizing that we probably should have held out on launching our social media & telling the world about our idea, but just keep in mind: we don’t know that the hell we’re doing.

Love y’all,

Rachel & Rebecca

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