Nah Bra Size Guide

We worked with industry experts to determine the best fit of our bras based on typical bra sizes. Use this as a guide to determine your size, but if you end up with the wrong size, please contact us  to let us know, so we can get you the correct size & update the chart as needed.

Real Customer Size Guide: we're always looking for more people to add to our real customer size guide below. If you send your picture & typical size to, we'll give you 15% off your next order! Obviously, we're happy to keep you anonymous & will crop out your head if you want.

 X-Small Small Medium Large


32D 34D 36C


34A 36A 36D
32C 34B 36B
34C 38B

Real Customer Size Guide

Rachel, Co-founder

Pre-baby Bra Size: 34B

Post baby Bra Size: 34Bish?

Clothing Size: 4-6

Twinnks Size: small

Rachel is less than a year postpartum, so she's still getting used to her new bod (ie, she's between her old size and one size up in most situations). Prior to finally getting a Twinnks bra, she still wore her old bras, which were 34B. So to sum up, she feels like the size of the girls haven't changed, but the shape of them have (new moms who nursed, you know whatsup)

Real Customer (anonymous)

Typical Bra Size: 32DD / 34D

Twinnks Size: medium

"I'm on the tightest hook &
feeling very supported!"

Rebecca, Co-founder

Typical Bra Size: 32B

Clothing Size: 2

Twinnks Size: x-small

We'd hardly call Rebecca a "real person", but here she is. She's annoying and weighs like 105 LBS. She wears an XS, as is true with all of her other clothes. Can you tell which twin is writing this?